Zagrebā konference par cilvēktiesībām dzemdībās

Horvātijā, Zagrebā 16.-17.04. notiks konference par cilvēktiesībām dzemdībās
To organizē Organizācija par cilvēktiesībām dzemdībās – starptautiska nevalstiskā organizācija un RODA – Horvātijas vecāku tiesību organizācija.

Day 1

I. Introductions

II. Keynote Speech – Stefánia Kapronczay, Executive Director, Hungarian Civil Liberties Union

III. Human Rights in Childbirth

IV. Research and Advocacy Efforts to Secure Women’s Rights in Childbirth

V. Challenges

VI. Communication Strategies to Advocate for Women’s Rights in Childbirth

VII. Finding Funding – Sharing Success Stories

Day 2

VIII. Utilizing Local, Regional and International Mechanisms to Advocate for Accountability for Violations of Women’s Rights in Childbirth

1. Local accountability mechanisms

2. Council of Europe – European Court of Human Rights

3. European Union Advocacy

4. UN Convention on Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)



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